Steel Band Hoist

ASM is an innovator by being the first company to introduce the steel band as a revolutionary load bearing line into the entertainment industry. From then on, ASM is very successful in completing the range of steel band hoists making it an ASM signature product.

The steel band’s specific features as a load bearing line made the hoist successful in the traditional ASM markets and therefor made it a favourite for consultants and technical directors. The elegancy of the steel band makes the hoist very popular in architectural applications.

Due to its extreme accuracy and precision, the steel band hoist is a perfect choice for performance flying of people and complex scenic movements.

The areas of applications include stages, concerts halls, multi-purpose halls, auditorium, studios and museums. The use of steel bands as a load bearing line guarantees a smooth, steady and quiet movement almost free of vibration. The absence of stretch in the load bearing line, compared with steel wire ropes, ensures constant positioning of the load, regardless of length of service or load. Extreme fast scenic movements are possible.

The ASM steel band hoists are designed in strict conformity with the DGUV V17 and EN 17206 regulations. The steel band hoists range has been developed to allow installation conform to most of all local and international safety regulation and in combination of almost all professional controls.

All ASM steel band hoists are made to be SIL 3 ready and can be coupled with a SIL3 control, such as ASM GENESIS SIL3 control.