HCWA TwinMaster Heavy Duty

The HCWA TM HD is the heavy-duty hoist of the TwinMaster range, most suitable for heavy duty applications in theatres such as lifting lighting bridges, led walls or acoustical shelves.

The HCWA TM HD safely moves heavy loads of up to 2000 kg with a speed of up to 0,6 m/s.  This heavy-duty hoist comes in a standard in two version one with 6 mm ropes and one with 8 mm ropes.

In double-reeved operation the TwinMaster HD lifts loads up to 4000 kg.


  • Redundant, two channel safety hoist concept with international patented double worm gear with safety catch, which sets a superior safety standard in the market.
  • International patented drive of the rope drum by means of two durable chains.
  • The international patented balancer evenly distributes the load transmission on both chains (50/50).
  • The hoist consists of a rope drum unit and a motor unit mounted on ultrasonic vibration dampers, resulting in the elimination of noise, vibration and swing in the chassis.
  • Zero fleet hoist. No interfering rope angles.
  • Ropes are inserted and crimped inside the steel frame of the drum and securely fixed with quick links in the steel drum housing. This attachment of the ropes ensures full safety without extra safety turns (according to EN 17206)
  • High precision positioning of the load is achieved due to large drum diameter.
  • Pile wind drum inside of a particularly high-quality cast polyamide drum.
  • The steel frame inside the cast polyamide drum prevents drum collapse in event of a fire.
  • Extremely silent and smooth-running of ropes due to cast polyamide drum is ensured (long life expectancy).
  • The standard drum consists of 10 (6mm ropes) or 8 grooves (8 mm ropes). In case of less, the groves will be filled up by ASM. The grooves can always be reopened later.
  • Rope pulleys and rope drum are yellow according to German regulations (black ones available on request)
  • The standard hoist is smaller than 400 mm.If more ropes are needed optional extra grooves are possible. Beware that the total width of hoist will be more than 400 mm.
  • 4000 kg in a double-reeved application


The HCWA TM HD exists with a standard drum of 800 mm in two versions. One version with standard 8 drops of 8 mm ropes with a max travel of 18 m. One version with standard 10 drops of 6 mm ropes with a max travel of 24 m.


Max. (variable) speed in m/s up to 0.5
Hoist capacity in kg on ropes (SWL) 2000
Number of ropes (standard) 10 8
Load bearing line rope, 6 mm rope, 8 mm
Max. travel in m 24 18
Safety system two brakes
Motor performance in kW 11

*More ropes, ropes of a different diameter and longer hoisting distance on request.

As ASM engineered each hoist to their fullest capacity, each model has their specific composition which cannot be altered. Special models can be offered on request.


Photos of Application