The ASM TrackPoint is the newest addition to the Steel band range. It is powerful, fast and remarkably flexible to suit various applicational needs. Its highly agile drop pulley, in combination with the steel band, is ideal for fast, swinging movements. The ASM Trackpoint safely moves loads of up to 250 kg with a speed of 1.2 m/s.

The TrackPoint hoist is designed in strict conformity with the DGUV V17 and EN 17206 regulations and are designed to allow performing flying of people.

The TrackPoint hoist is made to be SIL 3 ready and can be coupled with a SIL3 control, such as ASM GENESIS SIL3 control.


  • Mount under an I-beam or on a track and above a grid
  • Durable load bearing line, steel band (30 x 0,6 mm)
  • Silent and accurate operation
  • Gearbox with a safety catch and two independent brakes
  • Allows diagonal hoisting to all sides regardless of the attached load
  • Load carrying device by means of tear proof tested eyelet
  • Removable eyelet allows the steel band passing through most grids
  • Optimal capacity to own weight ratio
  • Due to its light weighted design, it is ideal for mobile applications


The Trackpoint with speed 1.2 m/s is equipped with an extra safety catch integrated in the gearbox and two silent theatre brakes, setting a superior standard in the market. It comes with a single band of 30 x 0,6 mm as a load bearing line.

The hoist allows the highest available performance for scenic applications, which means operating in high speed while positioning exactly.

The high duty cycle makes the hoists especially suitable for performances in scenic applications.

The control possibilities allow a full synchronous group drive with ASM GENESIS SIL3 control or a third-party control.

P 250


Max. (variable) speed in m/s 1,2
Hoist Capacity in kg on Steel Band 250
Number of Steel Band 1
Load Bearing Line 30 x 0,6 mm
Max. Travel in m 24
Safety System two brakes
Motor Type asynchronous
Motor Performance in kW 3 kW


Photos of Application