ASM’s most known scenery hoist is the HCWA was originally designed to replace the manual theatre counterweight system, ASM engineers developed a compact, silent and versatile rope hoist. It resulted in one of the slimmest hoists featuring a width of less than 200 mm that answers to every silent and space-efficient hoisting need, making it a favourite of theatre consultants and technical directors worldwide.

The HCWA range feature a silent noise level of only 45 dB(A)1m. It is 50% lighter than other scenery hoists, reducing forces on existing stage structures.

Whether your scenery hoists need to be mounted on a wall, horizontally or overhead, the HCWA hoists are designed for safe and flexible installation positions. Due to its compact size and silent technology, the HCWA hoists can perfectly be mounted where no other hoist would fit and without sound isolation.

The HCWA scenery hoists, have a standard lifting capacity ranging from 250 to 2,000 kgs, and are standardly available in fixed speed or variable speed, up to 2.0 m/s*.

All HCWA scenery hoists are designed in strict conformity with the DGUV V17 and EN 17206 regulations and are designed to allow performing flying of people.

All HCWA scenery hoists are made to be SIL 3 ready and can be coupled with a SIL3 control, such as ASM GENESIS SIL3 control.

* Other speeds and lifting capacities on request.