The self-climbing truss combines the technology of a four steel-band LMH hoist within or on a truss, ideal for historical buildings and all other venues where space-efficient and self-contained technology is required.

A self-contained hoist system that allows large loads to be moved over long spans, using proven ASM steel band technology. A perfect solution when you can’t build in the hoist. The integral mounted gearbox and truss-integrated motor will lift both the load and its own weight with ease. Newly developed intelligent suspension elements prevent the truss tilting with unbalanced loads.

The climbing hoist is attached to four rigging points ensuring perfect stability of loads. The drive is integrated into a 4-point truss, the length of which can be individually adjusted. Tilting of the truss under asymmetrical load is prevented by the intelligent load-bearing arrangement. Scenery props, lights or any other loads can thus be placed virtually anywhere on the truss.

The self-climbing truss hoist kit consists of one motor drive with four lifting steel bands their inched steel band pulleys.

A version is available without truss, which enables our partners to configure the drive unit on an individual truss.


Max. (variable) speed in m/s 0,1
Hoist Capacity in kg on Steel Band 1000
Number of Steel Bands  4 (2 x 2)
Load Bearing Line steel bands, 30 x 0,5
Max. Travel in m 9
Safety System dynamic irreversible gearbox
Motor Type asychronous
Motor Performance in kW 4 kW