ASM Spider hoists provide a unique modular design, incorporating the revolutionary steel band carrier in a high value budget package.

The Spider safely moves loads of up to 550 kg with a speed of 0,2 m/s and 1,2. m/s.  This standard Spider hoist is supplied with four steel bands of 30 x 0,4 mm as load bearing lines with four tiltable pulleys allowing diagonal lifting.

It can be mounted above or below a grid and the system pulleys can be adjusted to suit any application. Pre-assembled components can be installed quickly and easily.

The use of steel bands as load bearing lines leads to an extremely smooth and controlled action. Repeat precision positioning, even after the changing of loads and extended operation, comes as standard. The durable steel band impresses with its smooth running and low-noise operation.

The Spider hoist is designed in strict conformity with the DGUV V17 and EN 17206 regulations and are designed to allow performing flying of people.

The Spider hoist is made to be SIL 3 ready and can be coupled with a SIL3 control, such as ASM GENESIS SIL3 control.


  • Mount under an I-beam or compression profile minimizing imposed forces on building structure
  • Fast and simple installation of pre-assembled components
  • Durable load bearing lines, steel bands (30 x 0,4 mm)
  •  Silent and accurate operation
  •  The hoist features gearboxes with a safety catch, which sets a superior safety standard in the market
  •  Allows diagonal movement of loads (up to 10 ° of movement)


The Spider JR model with speed 0.2 m/s is equipped as standard with a self-locking gear and an extra safety catch integrated in the dynamic irreversible worm gear. The equipment with a self-locking gear allows the operation without brakes. It ensures a smooth deceleration of the load of 550 kg even in the event of a power failure. Since brakes are not required, the hoist requires less maintenance.

The control possibilities reach from a 24V, third party control to a full synchronous ASM GENESIS SIL3 control.

The Spider TM models with speed 1.2 m/s are equipped as standard with an extra safety catch integrated in the redundant gearbox and two silent theatre brakes.

The hoist allows the highest available performance for scenic applications, which means operating in high speed while positioning exactly.

The high duty cycle makes the hoists especially suitable for performances in scenic applications.

The control possibilities allow a full synchronous group drive with ASM GENESIS SIL3 control or a third-party control.

Spider JR

Spider TM

Max. (variable) Speed in m/s 0,2 1,2
SWL in kg 450 350 550 450
Hoist Capacity in kg on Steel Bands (ELL) 400 300 500 350
Number of drops 4
Load Bearing Line Steel Band, 30 x 0,4 mm
Max. Travel in m 12 22 12 22
Safety System self-locking gear two brakes
Motor Type 2 pol 4 pol
Motor Type Performance in kW 4 kW 2 x 4 kW
Gearbox TDA 4.5 TW 08