RULO Family

The ASM RULO chain provides a compact and cost-effective drive for lifting heavy loads. A single powerful drive is used to power multiple chain drops via shafts. This allows up to 12,000 kg to be moved at a lifting speed of up to 0,3 m/s (18m/min).

RULO is the ASM line shaft hoist designed to lift equipment with only one drive over several suspension element drums.

All ASM hoists are designed in strict conformity with the DGUV V17 and EN 17206 regulations.


  • Silent and precise operation
  • Designed for moving large and heavy load
  • High safety standards for statically excavated building structures
  • Dynamic self-locking for gentle braking, even in the event of a power failure
  • Single drive and multiple drops
  • Perfect for fixed installations
  • Adaptable for individual applications


The RULO Chain 12000 models with speed of up to 18 m/min are equipped as standard with self-locking gears with an extra safety catch inside.

The hoist allows a safe declaration of large and heavy loads of up to 12,000 kg over long lifting distances even in the event of power failure. Characterized by their silent and smooth operation, they are a perfect choice for the set up and movement of scenes in permanent installations.

The control possibilities allow a full synchronous group drive with ASM GENESIS SIL3 control or a third-party control.


Max. (variable) Speed in m/s 0,3
Hoist Capacity in kg on Steel Band 12.000
Number of Steel Band min. 2 up to max. ___
Load Bearing Line chain, depending on weight
Max. Travel in m
Safety System self locking-gear two brakes
Motor Type asynchronous
Motor Performance in kW depending on drops

Photos of Application