Person Stage Lift

The ASM Person stage lift PV is designed for vertical movement of loads and persons. It´s designed for mobile use and unique as it can be placed from top of the stage or from under the stage.

In case you place the stage lift from above, the lift is placed in an opening in the stage and a frame will keep the whole lift into position. ASM stage lift can easily been placed on position or removed via any available rigging equipment. (from chain hoist, scenery bar or point hoists).

The person or load will be lifted on an platform, which is suspended on steelbands and pulleys.  ASM longtime pioneering work with steelband made it possible to have a super silent and precise stage lift.

Under the platform of the lift ASM has installed the motor with the gear with double breaks, two encoders and a loadcell. The platform is lifted by four steelband and a set of pulleys upwards. The steelbands are running on each side of the stage elevator and coiled on the outer band pulleys, divided and guided to the top by two guide pulleys and guided down by two more guide pulleys were they are mounted on the topside of the floor.

The downward movement is forced with a central mounted steelband.

When the stage lift is in use, four safety sideframe are mounted to avoid that the person can be trapped. The front safety frame can be supplied with a zipper door.

The ASM Person stage lift PV is available with a ASM GENESIS LC 8 control system or to be used with a third party control.

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