ASM Power Pack

Our PowerPack solution allows for the control to be closer to the hoist coming with all its advantages. Each PowerPack contains the intelligent control of a connected hoist. Each Power Pack constists of a Axis Card which builds the base of the intelligence Control of each connected hoist. We offer a matching hoist related PowerPack for the whole range. All power electronics inside the PowerPack comply with the current EMC standards.

ASM PowerPacks are interchangeable: If one hoist is down due to an electronics failure, another Power Pack can its place, as all the data is stored is on the chip. Provided that the specifications of the hoists are identical.


  • Can be mounted directly on the hoist, wall or in a rack
  • The decentral installation of the PowerPacks with short cables has clear advantages:
    • Close installation to the module possible
    • Optimum energy efficiency
    • Minimisation of electromagnetic interference (EMC)
    • up to 25 meters between Power Pack and the hoist
  • Space-saving installation, i.e., no need for large control cabinets or separate rooms
  • Super silent due to intelligent fan control
  • Quick replacement
  • Plug & Play
  • Flexibility
  • 16 KHz technology

ASM Axiscard

Each ax within the system is equipped with an ASM TwinCore Axis Card and ID chip. The card manages the drive and the movement itself. All safety relevant sensors and actors are connected to the axis card and evaluated and controlled directly at the drive. The LC8 controller is also connected by a black channel CAN bus. All relevant information concerning the hoist like calibration data and movement limits are stored on an ID chip located in the machine, so that a defective axis card can easily be replaced. All calibration and setup can be carried out via the console, no special equipment is needed. The commissioning on site can be completed within a short period of time.


  • Diagnostics via LEDs for all inputs and outputs
  • Highest EMC safety and interference immunity
  • two independent CPUs
  • Easily exchangeable due to separate connector board and CPU board
  • External 24V control possible