Technical Data UNO 2000

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UNO 2000



UNO 2000



Operating Mode synchronous
Regulation DGUV V 17 (before BGV C1), EN 17206
SIL3 ready SIL3
Hoist Capacity in kg on Chain 2000 kg – single reeved,

4000 kg – double reeved

Max. Travel in m up to 65 m*
Max. Speed in m/s 4 m/min, (2 m/min in double reeved operation)
Variable Speed yes, depending on control yes
Duty Cycle up to 55% / 50 Hz
Noise Level approx. 56 dBA
No. of Drops* 1
Load Bearing Line chain 13 x 36 mm (not included)
Load Carrying Device eyelet (included)
Type of Material – Chassis steel
Chassis Colour black
Type of Material – Cover steel
Cover Colour black
Installation Method hanging
Safety System dynamic self-locking gear
Gear Box Type TDA-10 i=100
Gear Box Design worm
Gearbox Safety safety catch
Motor Type asynchronous motor, 2 pol
Motor Performance in kW 3 kW motor
Limit Switch 4 track (Stromag) DGUV V17 (2 x operational limits + 2 x absolute limits)
Encoder System
2 x absolute encoder (SSI Interface)
Load Sensing (total load) load cell | 4-20 mA | SIL3
Type of Hoist Control not supplied ASM GENESIS SIL 3
Position of Hoist Control not supplied external, ASM power pack
Control Equipment none GENESIS SIL3 power pack (16 kHz) with ASM TWINCORE SIL3 axis card, E-stop management and frequency inverter (4 kW), including 1,2 m multi-pin connection cable (Harting)
Cable Interface ASM standard terminal interface (Harting)** (cable led out 1,2 m) ASM standard connector interface (Harting) between hoist and power pack
Main / Motor Supply U1 / V1 / W1 / PE (400 V 50/60 Hz) 3 PH / N / PE (400 V 50/60 Hz) via external ASM power pack
Power Cable not supplied 1,5 m

CEE 5 PIN-16 A

Dimensions (without external PowerPack) in mm, H x W x D
Weight (without external Power Pack, without Ropes) in kg 120 kg
Including documentation

* more on request

** other on request