Control Desk CD2

The CD2 Master Control Desk manages all hoists in the system. Individual machines and groups can be selected on the touch screen to program motion sequences. Various group movements such as asynchronous and synchronous movements, time destination drives are possible. Two joysticks are used to execute the movements.

To operate the system from your personal preference, CD2 master control desks connect to a plugbox which can be set up at a place of your choosing. By default GENESIS systems support two plugboxes which can be extended with masterplugboxes to a total of up to 6.

The CD2 is the newest addition to our control system. With all the power and control of the CD1, the CD2 is the next step towards a mobile system. Lighter and smaller but still powerful the CD2 suits every application.

The CD2 is available in a wireless version.


  • 13” touch screen
  • Two joysticks for easy movement
  • Built-in UPS
  • Fast start up
  • SIL 3 certified
  • Dynamic real-time control
  • Multi-user control

The CD1, discontinued product of the control desk range :