Control Desk CD2 XL

The CD2XL represents the flagship of the GENESIS master control desks. Equipped with an extra wide 24″ touch screen and additional freely programmable hardware buttons it raises your GENESIS experience to the next level. The optional built in 24” second display screen allows the system overview in a new dimension.

With its sleek and elegant design the CD2 XL impresses with form and function. Built upon the known GENESIS software, the CD2 XL software improves your operation. The freely programmable buttons allow you to make it YOUR system with quick access options and pre-sets.

All the new functions are based on the well-known and easy to learn GENESIS software.

The CD2 XL is supplied as standard with a flightcase and dustcover.


  • 24” touch screen (second display screen optional)
  • Two joysticks for easy movement
  • Built-in UPS
  • Fast start up
  • SIL 3 certified
  • Dynamic real-time control
  • Multi-user control
  • Illuminated control panels
  • 6 Hardware and up to 24 software freely programmable buttons
    • 4 different drive modes: a total of up to 120 freely programmable buttons
    • Quick access to main functions, e.g.: groups, scenes, sequences,
    • Limit the speed while moving
    • Management buttons for scenes and sequences