ArchiPoint Elec

HCWA JR 600 500-2-6-0,2+ Elec point
Operating Mode synchronous
Regulation DGUV V 17 (before BGV C1), DIN EN 17206
SIL Level SIL 3
Hoist Capacity in kg on Ropes up to 500
Breaking Strength of Recommanded Rope 29,9 kN
Drum pilewind drum
Max. Travel in m 22
Max. Speed in m/s 0,2
Variable Speed yes
Duty Cylce 55% / 50 Hz
Noise Level approx. 48 dBA
No. of Drops* 2
Load Bearing Line rope, 6mm (not included)
Load Carrying Device Eyelet with dead load and power terminal box for chandelier on rope end fitting (included)
Type of Material – Chassis steel
Chassis Colour black
Type of Material – Cover steel
Cover Colour black
Safety System dynamic irreversible gearbox
Gear Box Type TDA4,5 i = 99
Gear Box Design worm
Gearbox Safety safety catch
Motor Type asynchronous
Motor Performance in kW 4 kW motor, 2 pol
Limit Switch 4 track (Stromag) DGUV V17 (2 x operational limits + 2 x absolute limits)
Position Measuring System
2 x absolute encoders
Load Sensing (total load) load cell | 4-20 mA | SIL3
Type of Hoist Control ASM GENESIS SIL3
Position of Hoist Control external ASM Power Pack
Control Equipment GENESIS SIL3 power pack 5,5 kW with ASM TWIN CORE SIL3 axis card, E-stop management and frequency inverter (16 kHz), including 2 m multi-pin connection cable (Harting)
Cable Interface ASM standard connector interface (Harting) between hoist and power pack
Main / Motor Supply 3 PH / N / PE (400 V 50/60 Hz) via external ASM Power Pack
Power Cable 1,8 m | CEE 5 PIN-16 A
Dimensions (without external PowerPack) in mm, H x W x D 650 x 1350 x 200 mm
Weight (without external Power Pack, without Ropes) in kg ca. 240 kg
Including basic mounting brackets (L) and fixing equipment
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